Board of Trustees and Board of Advisers Approved by the General Body on December 19, 2014

In the general body meeting held on Friday December 19, 2014, First Sate Islamic Foundation’s general body approved the following trustees and advisers for the First State Islamic Foundation. Trustee appointment is for 5 years. May Allah SWT help Foundations trustees and advisers fulfill the trust (Amanah) that has been placed in them in the best possible manner – Ameen.

Board of Trustees

    1. Dr. Saleem Khan
    2. Dr. Arif Niaz
    3. Dr. Naveed Baqir
    4. Muhammad Tufail Chaudhri
    5. Dr. Shahnawaz Khan
    6. Sr. Sadia Karim
    7. Yahia Hashem
    8. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed
    9. Akhtar Mehmood
    10. Dr. Wasif Qureshi
    11. Sr. Naeemah Abdur Rauf

Executive Council

  1. Dr. Saleem Khan – President
  2. Dr. Arif Niaz – Vice President
  3. Dr. Naveed Baqir – Secretary General
  4. Muhammad Tufail Chaudhri – Property Adviser/Manager
  5. Dr. Shahnawaz Khan – Treasurer


Board of Advisers

    1. Imam Roudoph Ali
    2. Sheikh Abdul Hadi Shehata
    3. Dr. Muhammad Afzal
    4. Dr. Muqtedar Khan
    5. Abdullah Muhammad
    6. Dr. Saeed Usmani
    7. Iqbal Aziz
    8. Sr. Souad Ghenym
    9. Dr. Maryam Awan
    10. Vaqar Sharief
    11. Fahim Karim
    12. Omer Yilmaz
    13. Ahmed Mused
    14. Sofiane Romdhani
    15. Taiseer Habib
    16. Brahim Omari
    17. Bilal Baqai
    18. Abubaker Mohammed

For more information on foundation’s mission, objective and constitution, please┬ásee the foundation’s constitution.

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